Meet Jerry

An immigrant childhood

I was originally born in Taiwan. My father was an accountant and my mother was a middle school math teacher. When I was nine, and when my parents were in their 40’s, they moved the family to America, because they wanted a better future for their children. My sister and I were raised with a strong work ethic and a deep respect for the value of education.

I entered into the public school system as an ESL student at Armand Bayou Elementary,  attended Clear Lake High School in the suburbs of Houston, Texas, and went on to Cornell University where I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in electrical engineering.

Family and Career

I’ve been happily married to my wife Jennifer for over a decade, and we have two daughters Sarah (7th) who attends Kennedy Middle and Liz (5th) who is a student at Lincoln Elementary.

I’ve lived in Cupertino for the last seven years, and before that I lived in Sunnyvale for 15 years. Professionally, I am a technologist with over 20 issued patents in computer science and manage teams of research scientists at HP’s corporate research lab. A few years ago, I initiated a project to research how technology can improve student learning outcomes and worked with many educators and students throughout the country, including a current CUSD teacher as a consultant to the program. I came away from that assignment with a heartfelt appreciation for the critical role that educators play in an educational ecosystem increasingly filled with automation and technology tools.

Serving the Community

My civic journey began in Room 2 of Lincoln Elementary, where I would come in every Friday to help Mrs. Yang to interest her fidgety kindergarteners in science through labs and experiments. Along the way, I’ve assisted in computer labs, coordinated science fairs, helped in countless fundraisers, and made friends with many other parents who also gave up their time to make our school a better place. Over time, I became involved at the district level, and I was honored to have been selected by the school board to represent the Kennedy Middle School community in the interview process for a new superintendent last year.

My other civic passion is with libraries. I feel whereas as schools provide a regulated approach to learning, the libraries supplied a safe place for children to learn outside the structure, and expectations, of a classroom. My work with Cupertino Library Foundation focused on providing programs that provide hands-on opportunity to practice their creativity, communication, and collaboration skills, like our teen hackathon series and the ongoing S4 Summer Science Search program for middle school students. I’ve also been a voice for the residents through my role in Cupertino city government, first through the Cupertino Library Commission and now with a seat on the Cupertino Planning Commission. My philosophy, ever since the first day when I took my oath of office, has always been to represent the residents and be their voice in in a government structure that may be unfamiliar to some of our residents.